HomeBlogsZcash Community Grants: A highlight of 2023-Q4 Grantees

Zcash, a leading name in the privacy-focused cryptocurrency space, has recently made a significant announcement through their Zcash Grant Hub. This initiative marks a pivotal moment as Zcash extends its support to various innovative projects in the blockchain and cryptocurrency sector. The grants, aimed at fostering growth and innovation, represent Zcash's commitment to nurturing a vibrant and diverse ecosystem. The announcement, detailing the nature and recipients of these grants, highlights Zcash's dedication to supporting projects that align with their core values of privacy and security in the digital age. This move not only bolsters the projects receiving the grants but also reinforces Zcash's role as a key player in advancing the future of decentralized finance.


Zondax is focused on completing essential integration steps for the Zcash Ledger hardware wallet app, as required by Ledger. This includes an update for ZIP317 fee structure, ensuring the app aligns with the latest Zcash protocol changes. A comprehensive security audit is also part of the plan, intended to fortify the app's security framework. Additionally, the project emphasizes ensuring seamless compatibility with newer Ledger devices like Ledger Nano S Plus and the Zecwallet Lite. The deliverables from this project are extensive, comprising the app's source code, thorough unit and integration tests, detailed documentation for future reference, and a commitment to providing continued support and maintenance for a period of 12 months. This support is crucial to address any emergent issues and maintain the app's integrity over time.


ZecHub's proposal, requesting $44,980 from Zcash Community Grants, focuses on expanding its open-source educational hub to enhance the Zcash community. Led by @dismad and @squirrel, and governed by a 16-member DAO, ZecHub aims to produce accessible educational content, including newsletters and wallet demos. Previous funding has grown ZecHub to 78 Dework members and 35 GitHub contributors. The project depends on active community engagement, with risks including Bounty Pool misallocation and reliance on few content creators. Key metrics for success include social media engagement and contributor count. The budget covers services and compensation, with deliverables spread across five milestones from January to May 2024. 

Vergara Technologies

The father-son team of Rene Vergara Larrea and Rene Vergara Araque, with extensive experience in technology consulting and digital product management, propose to maintain the server infrastructure and provide user support for ZGo, a platform for Zcash payments, throughout 2024. This includes updating the ZGo website and API servers and offering support via a Matrix Chat room and email. The project, requiring no startup funding, has a total budget of $16,100, divided between hosting, legal services, and user support. Key deliverables are consistent support for ZGo users in both halves of 2024, with milestones set for January and July. The team plans to report quarterly on uptime, active and new shops supported.

Zcash Global <> Zcash Brazil 

This proposal requests $16,800 to expand Zcash’s presence in Brazil in 2024, led by @michae2xl and team. Building on their 2023 success, the focus is on community engagement, content creation, and participation in events. Activities include managing social media, translating Zcash documentation, producing educational content and podcasts, and organizing community events and AMAs. The budget is allocated for service costs and team compensation, with deliverables set for each quarter, including detailed team reports to track progress and impact.

In conclusion, these diverse projects funded by Zcash demonstrate a strong commitment to expanding the ecosystem and enhancing user experience. From Zondax's integration efforts with Ledger wallets and ZecHub's educational initiatives, to Vergara Technologies' maintenance of ZGo and Zcash Global's community-building in Brazil, each project represents a unique facet of Zcash's strategy to promote privacy, education, and accessibility in the blockchain realm. These initiatives, through their specific goals and deliverables, collectively contribute to Zcash's vision of a more secure, informed, and connected community in the evolving landscape of cryptocurrency.