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Arbitrum has more than 6 grant programs so community members do not always have a clear visibility on which grant program is funding what because the systems are so decentralized and spread across that where grant3 comes in and it keeps a track of every project that has been funded by the arbitrum ecosystem

Arbitrum, known for its cutting-edge layer 2 scaling solutions for Ethereum, boasts over six grant programs designed to fuel a wide array of projects, from infrastructural advancements to community-building endeavors. However, the decentralized and dispersed nature of these programs can often leave community members in a labyrinth of options, uncertain of where to find the most fitting support for their projects.

Grant3's Solution

Recognizing this challenge, Grant3 has meticulously integrated Arbitrum Grants data into its analytics platform. This integration serves a dual purpose:

Enhanced Transparency: By providing a comprehensive overview of all grant programs within the Arbitrum ecosystem, Grant3 ensures that every potential innovator knows where to look and what to expect when seeking support.

Streamlined Discovery: Grant3 simplifies the journey for web3 projects by offering a centralized hub where information on funded projects, available grants, and application criteria is readily accessible, eliminating the guesswork and extensive research previously required.

The Impact 

This integration is more than a mere convenience; it's a strategic move towards empowering developers and projects within the web3 space:

Informed Decision-Making: With clear visibility into the various grant programs, including their focus areas and funded projects, applicants can make more informed decisions, aligning their proposals with the most suitable opportunities.

Community Synergy: By shedding light on the diverse opportunities within the Arbitrum ecosystem, Grant3 fosters a sense of community and collaboration, encouraging projects to learn from and build upon the successes of their peers.

Grant3 remains committed to refining and expanding its platform to serve the evolving needs of the web3 community. The integration of Arbitrum Grants data is a testament to our dedication to making the grant-seeking process as seamless and productive as possible. We continue to explore new ways to support, inform, and empower the pioneers at the forefront of decentralized innovation.


Through its integration with Arbitrum Grants, Grant3 is setting a new standard for accessibility and clarity in the web3 grant landscape. By bringing to light the myriad of opportunities within the Arbitrum ecosystem, we are not only simplifying the grant-seeking process but also paving the way for a more interconnected and collaborative web3 community. Stay tuned to Grant3 for ongoing updates, insights, and tools designed to support your project's journey in the decentralized world.